Every tenant who rents a property in Queensland is provided with information from the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) containing important information regarding their rights and responsibilities. However, they found many tenants did not read the information and were therefore unsure of their standing in tenancy disputes.

Research by the RTA uncovered that the publication was far too complicated and looked uninviting to read. They approached Liveworm to help them design a new set of publications. A smaller than A4 format was proposed to create a less imposing looking document. The format also proved more economical and less wasteful when offset print due to less waste paper being generated.

The design, completed by student Kenya Carroll, is bright with a focus on an easy to read layout. Photographs steered away from typical tropes of smiling happy stakeholders to quirky, visually interesting images to resonate with the average tenant. The concept was applied to a series of guides.