Memories in Place: The Centenary of World War 1 chronicles over six years of work and research by documentary photographer Charles Page. The images span from monuments, footy fields and street corners in Australia to battlefields in Belgium, France and Turkey, aiming to examine life and the many remaining linkages 100 years on from the ‘war to end all wars’.

The project was funded by Griffith University and the State Library of Queensland as well as Charles Page.

This project provided a real challenge to the studio — design a layout that provided visual clues to the linkages between many of the images while not distracting casual viewers. The design solution included developing a system of image captions using opposite alignments to highlight connections. The book was designed and painstakingly compiled by Teagan Markey and Courtney Robinson working with Charles Page.

All photographs copyright Charles Page. Copies of Memories in Place can be purchased from the State Library bookstore.