Design student Mackenzie O'Sullivan in the Liveworm South Bank design studio meeting room.

Liveworm is an experience available to Queensland College of Art & Design students with studios at the South Bank and Gold Coast campuses.

Liveworm Electives

Students can participate up to three times under the 10CP electives 3593QCA Liveworm 13594QCA Liveworm 2, and 3595QCA Liveworm 3. Each elective course requires the completion of 100 hours of in-person studio practice and a reflective journal assignment.

Liveworm groups operate in an intensive mode of 17 hours per week over six consecutive weeks. These courses are not traditionally timetabled — all students set their own studio timetables within a Monday–Friday 8am–6pm framework (this is organised on your first day). The studio also operates year-round, meaning that some groups run during normal Trimester breaks.

Liveworm is an open elective for all Queensland College of Art, Griffith University students who have completed 80CP of study. It is highly recommended that you have some experience using the Adobe Creative Cloud software package before undertaking Liveworm and the elective course Making Visual Media is a recommended pre-requisite. We are also open to accepting students from other degrees within Griffith University, please contact the course convenor if you would like to know more.

To gain permission to enrol in the Liveworm electives, you will need to first secure your place by filling in the below form. Applications open just before the university enrolment period and are allocated via a first-come-first-served process. If you have any questions about Liveworm, please contact David Sargent, Creative Director.

Upcoming groups

Trimester 2, 2024

Group 3
Monday 3 June — Friday 5 July
Week 13 to Week -2
Note this group runs for five weeks with twenty hours of studio time required per week

Group 4
Monday 8 July — Friday 16 August
Week -1 to end of mid-trimester break

Group 5
Monday 19 August — Friday 27 September
Week 5 to end of Week 10

Apply for the South Bank Studio

Trimester 2 sign on will open in the second half of April.

Apply for the Gold Coast Studio

Trimester 2 sign on will open in the second half of April.