Brisbane Your Service WARPED Booklet

Supporting young people to prevent relapse of harmful alcohol and other drug use

Project background

Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) support homeless and vulnerable young people (aged 12–25 years) and their children, to secure and maintain housing. They provide emergency support and a range of services including their successful WARPED (Wellbeing And Relapse Prevention EDucation) program which aims to prevent relapse of harmful alcohol and other drug use in young at-risk people.

As part of an update to their program content, BYS approached Liveworm to redesign the associated WARPED activity booklet. Liveworm presented a range of different design approaches that the WARPED booklet could take. Unable to select just one idea to move forward with, BYS decided to proceed with two different booklet designs to cater for specific age groups within their program.

Design outcome

The first booklet design by Mariaa Urbina was aimed at the younger audience, featuring approachable pastel colours and a series of custom illustrations to highlight key points and experiences within the WARPED program. Participants move throughout the booklet following a stray cat in various situations, inspired by the analogy “cravings are like stray cats — if you feed them they’ll keep coming back”.

The second, designed by Samuel Downie, was aimed at a slightly older audience. For this direction, design elements were constructed using torn and scrunched paper, photocopier manipulation, and acrylic paint. The resulting layout features bright design elements alongside darker shadowed spaces, inspiring hope and more hopeful futures if participants can move beyond the rough.