A new visual take on a popular performance to attract a younger contemporary audience.

Project background

Performed by Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University students, The Last Days of Judas Iscariot features Judas’s trial in purgatory, with various witnesses called to testify about his actions. The play, set in a modern-day courthouse, grapples with complex theological questions and ultimately suggests that all sins can be forgiven.

As a popular contemporary play, the production faced the challenge of standing out amidst a sea of previous visual identities. Liveworm students took on this challenge, steering away from the usual approaches and focusing on crafting powerful visuals that would captivate potential theatregoers.

Design outcome

The design by Brooklyn Strawbridge combines the bold, condensed typography of traditional newspaper headlines with a brighter, neon colour treatment to highlight the sensationalist nature of the court case. Combined with a stark background and the neon crucifix, the overall design contrasts with most other approaches for this production, which focus on gritty ‘true-crime’ visuals.  

Liveworm produced a range of promotional collateral, including posters, print advertising, and social media graphics.