Liveworm is an experience available to Queensland College of Art, Griffith University students with studios at the South Bank and Gold Coast campuses. Read below for more information on pre-requisite courses and how to apply for a position.

Professional Practice Electives

Students can elect to participate in Liveworm up to three times under the elective courses 3593QCA Professional Practice 13594QCA Professional Practice 2, and 3595QCA Professional Practice 3. These courses are offered in Trimester 1, Trimester 2, and Trimester 3. Each course requires the completion of 100 hours of studio practice and a reflective journal.

In Liveworm, the course operates in an intensive mode of 17 hours per week over six consecutive weeks. The Professional Practice courses are not traditionally timetabled — students set their own individual timetables while in the studio (this is organised on your first day). Note that the studio also operates year-round, meaning that the groups run over normal Trimester breaks. Please check your group selections against the Griffith University academic calendar to avoid surprises.

Liveworm is offered to all Queensland College of Art, Griffith University students. It is a pre-requisite to have completed (or be enrolled in) either 2681QCA Typography and Print or 2682QCA Typography and Expression before undertaking Liveworm to ensure you have enough visual design and typographic experience to be a confident and productive artworker in the studio.

COVID-19 note: due to the current campus closures, Liveworm Group 3 and 4 will be run entirely online. We have developed a successful online studio workflow using Microsoft Teams and regular video get togethers meaning still offer the same types of projects with the same amount of mentorship (just online). We are unsure at this time if Liveworm Group 5 will be running online or in-person.

To gain permission to enrol in a Professional Practice elective, you will need to secure a place in a future Liveworm group. Please fill in the below form if you would like to apply for an upcoming position.

If you have any questions, please contact David Sargent, Creative Director.

South Bank campus

All Trimester 2 positions have been filled.

Gold Coast campus

All Trimester 2 positions have been filled.